Growing up as a poor Filipino, whose parents were trying to make ends meet in the United States of America, we ate almost anything and everything.  Rice with soy sauce, rice with bagoong, rice with banana, rice with Spam or Corned Beef, was a daily choice for me and my siblings. Sure almost any type of food gives some energy, just as long as it has calories. The difference is that there are certain foods that gives the best energy to your body. By eating the following eight energy-giving foods, your body will perform like a top-of-line sports car. Bananas are rich in Vitamin ARead More →

The holiday season, for many people, is never complete without a table full of food to be shared by the family, and one often gives in to indulging with the excuse that this happens only once a year. Source: WATCH: Flush out the holiday cholesterol with these smoothies | ABS-CBN NewsRead More →