Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 Items! (Day 2)

Decluttering Challenge – 1,000 Items! (Day 2)

I’m ecstatic about this challenge! It gives me a goal and I want to complete this goal as quickly as possible!

As my husband and I fold clean clothes, we’ve been setting aside the clothes which are too small for our 22 month old daughter and 6 year old son. We have friends with a daughter and son younger than ours, so we’ve been fortunate we can pass these clothes on to others who can use them.  Other friends and my brother had passed most of these clothes onto us, so we’ve barely bought any new clothes for both kids. Most of the new clothes they’ve received were gifts from relatives and friends. We are extremely blessed, and passing that blessing on to others is just paying it forward.

I used to hold onto baby clothes “in case” we have another little one. Often times, I just couldn’t let them go. They just brought back too many memories. Fortunately, for the past few years, we’ve passed on these clothes to our friends and it’s been equally fulfilling to see their kids wearing them. Now I just say in my head “Aw, I remember when my son used to wear that.”

Today, we have several bags and more ready to go to take to our friends’ home.


  • 188 pieces of baby girl clothes, blankets and a toy (give)
  •  38 pieces of boy’s jackets, shirts, shorts, pants, and swimwear (give)
  • 2 pair of boys’ shoes (trash)
  • 56 jars of baby food. not expired. (give)
  • 9 baby bottles used for baby shower 2 years ago (recycle)
  • 1 baby exercise saucer (give)

Day 2 Tally:    294

Challenge Total so far:   449 out of 1,000 (almost half way there! amazing!)

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