The Laundry Basket

The Laundry Basket

As I journey to decluttering my home, I find I’m decluttering my life as well. Revelations have come to fruition as I sort through our belongings.

Last night, as I was pairing up clean socks, I realized the discolored, blue and broken plastic laundry basket we throw all the laundered, single socks, is older than my marriage. My husband has had this laundry basket long before he and I started dating. He actually can’t remember how old it is. We’re going to guess it’s about 20 years old and was, at one point, the only laundry basket we ever owned. We had less stuff back then. Over the years, it’s had dings, discoloration and more recently sharp edges due to a missing handle, which has caused quite a few scrapes for my husband and myself. Yet we still kept it, because we “needed” it.

Today, we own at least a dozen laundry baskets, including broken blue. They come in all shapes and sizes. They’re made in all sorts of materials – plastic, rattan, jute, and heavy cloth.  As we accumulated more stuff and had more children, we bought more laundry baskets. A few years ago, I was complaining to my husband how we needed at least 9 more laundry baskets! I was tired of the clean clothes piling up in the handful of baskets we already owned. My obliging husband bought 9 more. It did not occur to us at the time that we should be getting rid of all the clothes, not get more laundry baskets!

As for the broken blue basket, the memories were great — from my husband’s bachelor days, to our first years of marriage, to being there for the birth of all 4 children and being the vessel for all their little clothes. However, we’ve held onto it for far too long. As I threw away most of the socks, “Broken Blue” also went onto the curb. We thanked it for its service and let it go last night.


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