10 Energy Draining Foods

10 Energy Draining Foods

Oh no, a list with at least one thing you didn’t want to see! That’s because you’ve probably been eating it regularly, and now you know it’s the culprit to your lack of energy.  

Bagels – Most bagels are made with refined white flour, and all those carbohydrates can make you feel drained. Although it causes a quick burst in blood sugar, the calories in a bagel can equal to about five slices of bread which in turn causes the drain. 

Candy – When sugar is consumed, insulin is released in your body, which causes the release of tryptophan, the amino acid that makes us feel exhausted.

Cereal – A lot of cereals contain sugar and carbohydrates.

Juice – Too much sugar! Whether it’s 100% natural orange juice or not, juice has enough sugar to spike and then drain.

Alcohol – Whether or not you drink a glass or a whole bottle of wine or beer, you wonder why you feel tired the following day. This is because you didn’t go into deep sleep. Your body was concentrating on processing that alcohol.

Potato Chips – Salted, deep-dried carbs will eventually just wear you down.

Energy Drinks – Along with other caffeinated beverages with sugar, energy drinks offer that temporary buzz. However, you’ll eventually feel your energy crash.

White Chocolate – There’s nothing heart-healthy about white chocolate, which just contains sugar, and cocoa butter. In comparison to dark chocolate, it has anti-inflammatory compounds and won’t kill your energy as much as white chocolate will.

Sausages and Fatty Meats – When your body has to process fatty meat, that takes a lot of energy! It’s no wonder you feel a need to nap after having a burger.

In the words of a PBS special from my childhood, “now you know and knowing is half the battle!” 

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