Chris Pratt and the Asian Guy Who Took Him to Church

Chris Pratt and the Asian Guy Who Took Him to Church

Have you read the Vanity Fair article in the January 2017 issue on American actor Chris Pratt? He was the cover story and discussed the crucial events that lead him to where he is today. Pratt discussed how he was living on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. He was barely 20, living with friends in a van and tent, basically broke and miserable. One day, he was outside a grocery store waiting for a person to buy beer for him and his friends. However, an Asian guy in his 40s, a stranger at the time named Henry, came up and asked if he was going to a party, do drugs and fornicate with girls. For some reason, Pratt was honest and told him he had hoped so. When Pratt asked why, Henry said Jesus told him to talk to him.

There must’ve been something about this Asian guy, because Pratt went with him to church. He then told his friends he was changing his life. Afterwards, miracles seemed to happen that paved the way for him to go to Los Angeles and eventually become a Hollywood movie star.

He did the interview as he cooked and ate a meal. The interviewer described how Chris Pratt made them get down on their knees, hold hands and thank God for the meal and their life. I think there’s something endearing about a story about a regular guy, how he met God, and how his life changed after. It’s touching because this story could’ve been any one of us. The question you need to ask yourself: Are you Chris or Henry in this story?

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